Portrait of M.s Farrokhzad/
پرتره ی خانم فرخزاد
2018 - 1397


20 Minutes short film

(Documentary- Talking head)

Avoiding to use any of the valid photos and videos left of Forough Farrokhzad, ‘Portrait of M.s Farrokhzad’ is merely narrated by more than 50 women, with different looks, that find their face alike Forough or have been told so…



Forough Farrokhzad is one of the most influential female portraits in the contemporary history of Iran. Her artistic achievements, as a poet and filmmaker effected Iranian art scene, and her life style, has been very impressive to many classes of Iranian society. Wondering to know if what image is left of her, 51 years after her suspicious death at age 32, I published a recall for cooperation with no age limit, after women who believe are alike Ms. Farrokhzad. Women aged 18 to 48 participated in a video interview and expressed their personal opinion about her impact on their lives. Avoiding to use any of the valid photo and videos left of Forough Farrokhzad, her Portrait is narrated by women who claim to be alike her, women who believe that their thoughts and even their destiny as an Iranian woman has been similar to her, some admire her temerity and the way she struggled for her art and love and freedom in her life. But in the other hand some find their insanity alike her and those who believe that her death was a suicide, see such an end to their own life. Formally It’s a talking head video Interview simply happening in a black shared location. nobody is asked to wear a special custom. in the recall it was specifically mentioned that for a video interview we need cooperation of women who look similar to Forough Farrokhzad. no age limit was also considered while inviting the volunteers. more than a hundred women and a man called for the recall.— mahoor mirshakkak